How to help son with autism?

My son was diagnosed with high functioning autism. He is now three years old and speaks few words, babbles a lot, flaps his hand constantly, very hyper and hard to communicate with. As a father I'm just trying to find the best help I can for my son.

Leslie Dery

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Dear Leslie
You have do lot of research and try to see this from simple perspective. Our body is extreme intelligent and if body dose get what it is required ,it will find perfect balance automatic. From my research I have found that our digestion and our eco-system is one of the biggest heath destroyer. Second is heavy-metals, third is virus,bacteria,parasite,fungi. Lets start with digestion and probiotic. Don´t give your son gluten or casein. Always use enzyme with food,most important! Build up eco-system with good strain of probiotic. Try to use natural detoxification of heavy metals. Many recommend Cilantro therapy. Have not tried it ,but sound good. I use Fulvic Acid ,from Shilajit mineral pinch. Next is to destroy any harmful virus or bacteria. I highly recommend Olive Leaf. Please do your own research and always trust the power of mother nature ,as there are many gift in nature for our health.

Recommended Site to start with

When you buy things ,try to buy it in bulk form to save money.

Wishes you best luck and I know your son will be 100% cured very soon,I will send my prayer for him and you.
Blessing to spirits

Bilal Kayani

 Answer by Bilal Kayani

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