What cellphone towers can do to you

What cellphone towers can do to you

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What the experts are saying... and the cell phone industry DOESN'T want you to know!

* Electropollution disrupts your natural energy levels, triggering stress responses that impair your body's natural ability to heal.

* After 10 years of cell phone use, sperm count in adult males is down 30%.

* A 2 hour exposure to EMF radiation can lead to permanent DNA damage in the brain.

* There are 40,000 to 50,000 new cases of brain tumors and eye cancer per year attributed to cell phone use.

* Electropollution contributes to energy depletion and fatigue from cell phones, air travel and household appliances.

* The radiation penetration in a child's head after cell phone use is 50% or more.

* Dr Charles Teo, a prominent Australian Neurosurgeon, states there has been a 21% increase in brain tumours in children in recent years.

* EMFs cause significant increases in blood pressure.