Vaccination more harm than good

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This diagramme shows how the injection of a disease-causing agent (antigen) which has been rendered harmless, is injected into someone, resulting in changes in the blood which are referred to as 'antibodies'. These antibodies are supposed to combat any 'wild' incoming germs of the kind which were injected, without the body having to spend a lot of time to figure out how to make antibodies against them, because the vaccine has already "trained' the body to produce the correct immune response in the way of antibodies.

This sounds fine (or absurd?) in theory, only, experience has shown that this theory actually doesn't work in real life:

1. The graphs based on official statistics of infectious disease mortality clearly show that the introduction of vaccines has made no contribution whatsever to the remarkable decline in the number of deaths from "vaccine-preventable" diseases", and that "vaccine-preventable diseases are purely a figment of the imagination in some people's minds. Some of these graphs can be found in the two photo albums 'nfectious diseases graphs'.

2. As the following two examples show, even the medical literature admits, in a round-about way,that immunogenicity, the ability to produce an immune response in the form of antibodies, does not correlate to protective efficacy (the ability to protect against a disease).

3. Vaccine-preventable diseases, as e.g. measles, continue to break out even in highly, or even fully (100%) vaccinated, populations.

Clearly, vaccination is an elaborate hoax, kept alive by constant propaganda, and that it is in fact an organised criminal enterprise at tax-payers' and our children's expense.
In this photo: A brain-washed moron getting a vaccine-shot.

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