CDC had conclusive evidence that vaccines caused autism in children

CDC--Centers for Disease Control

The mandatory vaccine money trail

Follow the money. It will lead you to the truth.

The ‘physician’ is rewarded for administering vaccines by higher reimbursements for his fees. His vaccine “rates” are checked to determine whether or not he/she is entitled to more money. Physicians, public health workers, and drug companies have all been given immunity from any possible lawsuits that may arise as a result of vaccine-caused injury or illness. In other words, if a vaccine harms your child or causes autism you cannot sue any of them. They all have a liability exemption.

The Revolving Door Between the US Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Revolving Door Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Government


Conflict of Interest: The Revolving Door Between the US Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry

APA (American Psychiatric Association)

American Psychiatric Association

"Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined," Samuel Goldwyn, co-founder of Paramount Pictures and MGM Studios.

"Doctors have throughout time made fortunes on killing their patients with their cures. The difference in psychiatry is that it is the death of the soul," Dr R.D. Laing, M.D.

"Psychiatry is probably the single most destructive force that has affected American Society within the last fifty years," Dr Thomas Szasz, Lifetime Fellow, American Psychiatric Association (APA).

ACS (American Cancer Society)

American Cancer Society

Charity is a business. If you want to make a difference in a cancer patient's life, give directly to the patient. Otherwise, it's like giving money to the pharmaceutical industry.

"Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." --Dr Linus Pauling, the only person in history awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes.

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