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Ozone cancer therapy--Ozone--FAST


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Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment


1. It kills your friendly flora, and can cause intestinal problems. (Despite Lactobacillus bacteria producing their own H2O2 in minute amounts, as the article mentions, the large amounts of H2O2 ingested with various protocol WILL kill even oxygen loving bacteria... they love oxygen, NOT H2O2).

2. It is a potent free radical, and can do cellular damage, especially if used long-term.

Hydrazine Sulfate Cancer Cover Up


Hydrazine Sulfate Cancer Coverup

The only thing worse than doing something ugly and wrong is covering it up. Especially when what you've done gives aid and support to those whose outrages are costing innocent people their lives. We are talking here about cancer, about an effective treatment called hydrazine sulfate that the government hates -- and about the layered lying and outright deception by the government that keeps this drug from the American people.

The $200 Billion Cancer Scam


The $200 Billion Scam
By Jeff Kamen
Why the government tries to bury the real cures.

Kathy Keeton's successful battle against cancer is more than personal good news--it has blown open a Washington scandal of astonishing proportions.

Hydrazine Sulfate Success Stories


The following is not a research document with numbers and percentages. These are live people I personally speak to on a regular basis. For some it is a miracle, for some it's fate and the ones that search for an answer and a new hope when everyone else has given up on them ; may be the first step; taking charge, learning to heal their own body.

This is what they have to say:

970115-28347BS In less than two weeks on Hydrazine Sulfate two tumors are gone and two others have reduced in size by 50%

970120- M Mike had Cancer

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