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Preparing for the Food Allergy Storm


The article discusses how to prepare for the epidemic of severe food allergies. The author reports that the British National Health Service has released a report which shows a sharp increase in t...

Detoxification and self-healing the natural cure


The article explains the process of detoxification which enables the body to clear away the toxic acidic wastes from surpluses of fat, protein and carbohydrate. It is suggested that self-healing ...

Do-It-Yourself Diet



The smart way to drop pounds? With an eating plan that's yours and yours alone

EVERY SEASON brings a new crop of diet books to store shelves. That's not surprising, because more than 60% of Americans say they want to lose weight. But what is surprising: Most of us don't stick to these printed plans, according to recent market research. In fact, the most popular--and successful-diet today is the one we make up ourselves.

Carbohydrates & your Heart


Section: special report: THE INSULIN THREAT


It may lead to more heart attacks than high cholesterol and cause infertility in hundreds of thousands of women. But chances are you don't know a thing about insulin resistance, a dangerous condition affecting one in four Americans. Are you one of them? And is the diet you're following making it worse? Our three-part series could save your life.

Should you be eating more fat and fewer carbohydrates?


If you have a condition called syndrome X, too many carbohydrates could prove bad for your heart

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