Guard Your Precious Proteins Against PREMATURE AGING


The article offers information on glycation and oxidative stress as the two significant biological process shared by aging and diabetes that damage the body. Oxidative stress is characterized by ...

Echinacea and anti-inflammatory cytokine responses: Results of a gene and protein array analysis


Preparations of Echinacea (Asteraceae) are frequently consumed for the control and prevention of rhinovirus-induced colds and other respiratory disorders. Since it is now generally believed that ...

Protein and Ginger for the Treatment of Chemotherapy-Induced Delayed Nausea


Background: Nausea that develops during the period that begins 24 hours after the administration of chemotherapy is called delayed nausea, and occurs in many patients with cancer. Meals high in p...

Dietary protein intake affects albumin fractional synthesis rate in younger and older adults equally


Inclusion of dietary protein in meals and beverages affects the hepatic synthesis of the protein albumin. Besides dietary protein, several factors can influence albumin metabolism and affect plas...

Effects of diets high in whey, soy, red meat and milk protein on body weight maintenance in diet-induced obesity in mice


This study examined the effects of different food sources of protein on energy intake, body weight maintenance, and on the responses of plasma leptin, insulin and adiponectin in chronic high-fat ...

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