ENZYMES in Health and Disease


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Everything that lives requires enzymes; humans, plants and animals.

Enzymes are protein-based substance found in every living cell. Enzymes can be likened to the starter in your automobile; they ignite the process into action and the speed is dependent on the amount of power under the hood (a full-spectrum of enzymes for specific jobs, working in powerful synchronicity to enhance performance).

Energizing enzymes


A fitter, rejuvenated you may be just one enzyme supplement away. Our buyer's guide shows you what you need now

YOU'VE SHRUNK!" Elizabeth Yarnell's mother exclaimed when her daughter returned from a month-long trip overseas transformed from a size 8 to a size 2.

Yarnell was almost as surprised as her mom. She hadn't made the slightest change to her diet or exercise habits. The only thing she had done differently was start taking a digestive enzyme supplement — one capsule with each meal, two if the meal contained dairy.

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