Reap Benefits of Calorie Restriction without Chronic Hunger


The article discusses the health benefits of a reduced calorie diet and ways to inhibit the activity of digestive enzymes to prevent excess calorie absorption. In addition to a healthy diet, drug...

The Enzyme of Enzymes


Focuses on the natural metabolic enzyme Nattokinase (NK) which is derived from a fermentation process of soy and the bacteria Bacillus natto. Review of biological enzymes; Impact of NK on coagul...

Vital FUNCTIONS of Digestive Enzymes


Enzymes, mostly proteins, have some involvement in every metabolic activity in the body--from digesting and assimilating food to catalyzing the thousands of reactions that are necessary for the body to function. Enzymes are involved in the synthesis and repair of DNA; in the production of proteins, fats, and connective tissue necessary to grow and regenerate cells; and in the breakdown and detoxification of cellular wastes that are the by-product of normal metabolism.

Why Enzymes Are Essential to a Healthy Immune System


The article highlights the importance of enzyme therapy in any strategy for creating a healthy immune system with good nutritional support. Enzymes are crucial for proper digestion, without which...

Cataract-- the Antioxidant Enzymes


The article discusses treatment approaches to senile cataract which develops due to oxidative changes in the components of the eye's lens. It proposes a nutritional approach to combating cataract...

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