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"They changed my life."

That's what patients often tell Ellen Cutler, DC, after incorporating digestive enzymes into their daily nutritional routine Why such dramatic results? "Enzymes are essential to life," says Cutler, author of MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes and a health professional, who has been using enzymes to treat many types of conditions for more than 25 years.

The Health Benefits of Enzymes


The article offers information on the health benefits of enzymes to the body. It is stated that enzymes serve as catalysts that facilitate the metabolic reactions and reduce symptoms which cause ...

Enzymes: The Sparks of Life


Discusses the health benefits of enzymes. Role of enzymes in the body's metabolism; Symptoms of enzyme deficiency; Intake of enzyme supplements.

Enzymes the Catalysts of our Life Force


The article offers information about digestive leukocytosis, a dramatic disease in the level of activity of white blood cells in the blood after undigested cooked food passes from the intestine i...

QUIT Your Belly-Aching with Probiotics and Enzymes


As the old saying goes, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. Enjoyment of food and the act of eating is central to our individual and collective well-being. Eating well is essential for health. Yet many people suffer from digestive complaints that prevent them From enjoying food and interfere significantly with their overall functioning. As a primary care physician with a diverse patient population, I see gastrointestinal complaints several times per day, and they are a very common cause of acute and chronic health problems in patients of all ages.

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