Storage proteins

These proteins contain energy, which can be released during metabolism processes in the organism. Egg ovalbumin and milk casein are such proteins. Almost all proteins can be digested and used as a source of energy and building material by other organisms.

Blood Iron, Glutathione, and Micronutrient Levels and the Risk of Oral Cancer


The risk of oral cavity cancer was determined in relation to serological levels of iron; vitamins A, B2, C, E; zinc; thiamin; and glutathione (GSH). The study included 65 hospitalized patients wi...

Overcoming a Wintering Over: Eating Local Through the Darker Months


The article provides information on how to maximize the intake of locally grown foods through the winter season in North Carolina. It suggests selecting foods that contain protein from farms, tha...

Transcriptional switches in the control of macronutrient metabolism


This review shows how some transcription factors respond to alterations in macronutrients. Carbohydrates induce enzymes for their metabolism and fatty acid synthesis. Fatty acids reduce carbohydr...

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