The article provides information on food supplements that detoxifies the body. Studies found that glutamine is important for immune cell functioning and that the production of this cell increases...

Impact of Glutamine-Rich Foods on Immune Function


Examines the effect of glutamine-rich foods on immune function. Mechanisms of glutamine action; Prevention of microbial translocation; Indications for the use of glutamine and glutamine-rich foo...

Effect of Glutamine on Gut Glutathione Fractional Release in the Implanted Tumor Model


Cancer and its treatments cause a marked depletion of glutamine (GLN). However, dietary GLN can restore this loss and improve the outcomes of the treatments. The reasons behind this need to be in...

The Role of Glutamine in Intensive Care Unit Patients: Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Outcome


Patients in the intensive care unit are at high risk of glutamine depletion and subsequent complications. Several controlled studies and a meta-analysis have concluded that glutamine supplementat...

The Anti-infective and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Glutamine


Discusses the mechanism of action of glutamine. Role of glutamine in the first line of immune defense in the intestine; Effect of glutamine on the GI tract; Administration of glutamine.

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