Soy ( Glycine max )-Derived Phospholipids Exhibit PotentAnti-Apoptotic Activity


We have isolated and identified a soybean phospholipid mixture fromunroasted soy ( Glycine max ) flour that is a potent inhibitor of apoptoticcell death. This phospholipid mixture has been purifi...

Osteoarthritis Symptoms Improved by Glycine


The article reports on the result of the study concerning the ability of glycine to prevent the development of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. The study was participated by 600 patients sufferin...

The Effects of Glycine Therapy on the Fetal Outcome of Diabetic Mice


Studies the effect of glycine in preventing diabetes teratogenicity in mice. Dose administration of glycine; Limitation of malformations; Protective effect of glycine from hemoglobin glycation a...

Hypolipidemic Effect of Glycine tomentella Root Extract in Hamsters


The influence of the aqueous crude extract of Glycine tomentella root (Leguminosae) on lipid metabolism was investigated in hyperlipidemic hamsters. It was found that the administration of the G....

Endothelial Cells Contain a Glycine-Gated Chloride Channel


Glycine inhibited growth of B16 melanoma tumors in vivo most likely because of the inhibition of angiogenesis. Here, the hypothesis that the anticancer effect of glycine in vivo is due to express...

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