Arginine Shows Promise Against Obesity


The article presents the study conducted by scientist Guoyao Wu and her colleagues regarding the use of arginine in reducing body fats in Texas. The study has been administered to rats to determi...

Arginine and Sexual Dysfunction


The article investigates on the efficacy of arginine in treating sexual dysfunction. Arginine is an amino acid responsible for various biochemical reactions in the brain and body including the bu...

Effects of Nitric Oxide and Noradrenergic Function on Skin Electric Resistance of Acupoints and Meridians


Objectives: The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of L-arginine–derived nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and noradrenergic function on skin electrical resistance of acupoints and ...

Use of Arginine to Reduce the Severity of Retinoid-Induced Hypertriglyceridemia


Abstract: Previous research with an animal model of retinoid-induced hypertriglyceridemia, rats fed a 13-cis retinoic acid-containing diet in which casein was the dietary protein, has demonstrate...

L-Arginine Improves Vascular Endothelial Function -- A Key Component of Cardiovascular Health


The article presents a study addressing the significance of L-arginine to improve the vascular endothelial function of the body. The amino acid L-arginine is vital to vascular health because it i...

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