Prenol lipids

Comparison of the influence of the polyprenol structure on model membranes


Polyprenols have been found in many bacterial and plant membrane fractions. Long-chain polyprenols with 12–100 isoprene residues have been isolated from the green leaves of Spermatophtyta. The pattern of polyprenols is species-specific. Polyprenyl phosphates are obligatory intermediates in the biosynthesis of sugar polymers and formation of glycoproteins. Model membranes (BLM and liposomes) made from phospholipid and polyprenols with different number of isoprene residues were investigated in the present study.

Effects of Flaxseed on Lipids and Bone Metabolism in Postmenopause


Reviewed: Lucas E, Wild R, Hammond L, et al. Flaxseed improves lipid profile without altering biomarkers of bone metabolism in postmenopausal women. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 2002;87(4):1527-1532.

Natural Fiber May Reduce Overeating, Improve Lipids


The article reports on the evidence that a natural fiber known as oligofructose may help reduce overeating and improve blood lipids by Canadian scientists. Oligofructose, a non-digestible food co...

The effect of a worksite nutrition education program on eating behaviors and blood lipids


The purpose of the program was to determine if a 4-week group nutrition education series held at the worksite, focusing on eating behaviors can positively affect dietary behaviors that are associated with risk of chronic disease(s) related blood lipid parameters. Thirty-five employees (21 female, 14 male) participated. Before and after the program all participants completed fasting bloodwork (total cholesterol, TC; low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, LDL-C; high density lipoprotein cholesterol, HDL-C; triglycerides, TG) and diet records.

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