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Why is society so stressed?


When did stress become the excuse for everything that goes wrong in a person's life?

Pinpointing that exact moment is impossible -- it is sufficient to say that stress has become a modern crutch on which to support actions that in earlier years would have had no such explanation or excuse.

The phrases are common -- stress in the workplace, stress in marriage, stress in the classroom, stress on the playground, stress at the day-care centre, stress on the playing field, stress at church.

Fighting Stress


As I play peek-a-boo with my new granddaughter, it's hard to imagine that this cheery little charmer is the source of stress that drove me back into my peanut-butter-and-jam habits. But as the SARS outbreak made headlines, Don and I worried through many anxious weeks while our son and daughter-in-law travelled to China to adopt their second daughter, then waited out Ontario's 10-day quarantine for adopting families.

Stressed or Depressed? How to tell the difference


Almost everyone experiences feelings of stress or depression at some point. Such feelings are often appropriate to a situation. Clinical depression, on the other hand, is a medical condition. What is the difference between stress and depression? What can you do to stay mentally healthy and avoid overwhelming stress or clinical depression?

How stressed and depressed are Canadians?

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