Vitamin K (Phylloquinone/phytol naphthoquinone)


A quiz concerning the dietary factors, including warfarin therapy and vitamin k, is presented.

Vitamin K2 Significantly Reduces Risk Cancer

Recent studies have suggested an anticarcinogenic effect of vitamin K2 on prostate cancer of approx 50%, while no effect was found for K1. In a new study from the researchers from the German Cancer Research Centre confirms and even extents this effect: the potential benefits of vitamin K2 accounts for overall-cancer risk in both men and women, whereas vitamin K1 shows no effect.

The Anticancer Effects of Vitamin K

Vitamin K, an essential nutrient often associated with the clotting cascade, has been the focus of considerable research demonstrating an anticancer potential. Much of this research has focused o...

VITAMIN K's Delicate Balancing Act

The article focuses on how vitamin K works to maintain control over three vital bodily processes: blood coagulation, bone mineralization, and vascular health and elasticity. It also describes bre...

Does high vitamin K1 intake protect against bone loss in later life?

The findings of a number of cross-sectional studies suggest benefits of high phylloquinone (vitamin K1) intake on bone health in later life. Until recently these observational data wer...

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