Calcium, Low-Fat Diet, and Estrogen: Prevention Advice Doesn't Hold Up


Uncovers the problems in the Women's Health Initiative, a government-funded clinical trial aimed to determine the interconnections between low-fat diet, high-dose calcium and estrogen in younger ...

Dietary Calcium and Dairy Modulation of Adiposity and Obesity Risk


Dietary calcium plays a key role in the regulation of energy metabolism and obesity risk. This appears to be mediated primarily by dietary calcium modulation of circulating calcitriol, which in t...

Calcium in Diet, But Not Pills, May Help You Live Longer


Does extra calcium — which many people take to boost bone health — also protect against heart disease and death? Science continues to answer with a firm "maybe, maybe not." A pair of new studies, however, suggest that while calcium supplements may not have such protective benefits, a diet rich in foods containing calcium might.

Building Bones in Babies: Can and Should We Exceed the Human Milk-Fed Infant's Rate of Bone Calcium Accretion?


Increasing calcium absorption and bone calcium accretion to levels above those achieved by human milk-fed, full-term infants is possible with infant formulas. However, no data support such a goal...

Calcium and Exercise Affect the Growing Skeleton


Adequate dietary calcium and bone-stimulating exercise during growth are known to affect skeletal development, but the combined effects of dietary calcium and osteogenic exercise have received sc...

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