Proton pump-inhibiting drugs, calcium homeostasis, and bone health


Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are commonly used drugs, several of which are available without a prescription. Two recent studies have demonstrated increased hip fracture rates associated with PPI...

Calcium Revisited


Outlines facts about calcium. Distribution within the body; Transcellular and paracellular absorption; Types of calcium loss; Building and maintenance of calcium levels in the body; Homeostatic ...

STOP THE silent thief


The article offers tips on how to prevent osteoporosis, a bone disease commonly found in women. It encourages people, especially women, to determine the risk factors of osteoporosis which include...

Osteoporosis and Hyperkyphosis: What Does Calcium Have to Do With It?


The article reports on the relation of calcium in hyperkyphosis and osteoporosis. Calcium must be maintained at a certain level to avoid osteoporosis or the thinning of calcium deposits in bone t...



The article focuses on calcium, its types, absorbability, and side effects in human nutrition. The two types of elemental calcium such as calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. It states that cal...

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