Effects of Combination of Calcium and Aspirin on Azoxymethane-Induced Aberrant Crypt Foci Formation in the Colons of Mice


Human intervention studies have suggested an exciting synergistic action between calcium supplementation and aspirin intake in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. The aim of this study was to...

Is calcium supplementation a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in older women?


Low intake of dietary calcium is related to bone loss and fragility fracture in older adults, especially postmenopausal women. Contradictory findings have been reported from studies that investig...

Calcium Content of Popular Indian Vegetarian Dishes and Ingredients


Several charts are presented which depicts the calcium content of popular vegetarian dishes and ingredients in the Indian cuisine, including the Indian beverages, soups and breakfast dishes, the ...

Calcium beyond the bones


The article discusses calcium accumulation in the body and whether too much intake of calcium leads to calcifications. It mentions that calcium can accumulate in several areas of the body includi...

Recent developments in intestinal calcium absorption


Calcium absorption proceeds by transcellular and paracellular flux, with the latter accounting for most absorbed calcium when calcium intake is adequate. Vitamin D helps regulate transcellular ca...

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