Blood Iron, Glutathione, and Micronutrient Levels and the Risk of Oral Cancer


The risk of oral cavity cancer was determined in relation to serological levels of iron; vitamins A, B2, C, E; zinc; thiamin; and glutathione (GSH). The study included 65 hospitalized patients wi...

Into the matrix: regulation of the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin by matriptase-2


Matriptase-2 is a recently identified membrane-bound, cell-surface serine protease expressed primarily in liver. Mutations in matriptase-2 in mice and humans cause iron-deficiency anemia that res...

How Much Iron?


The article provides information regarding the amount of iron present in an iron-fortified food. According to a study, some fortified cereals contain as much as 24 milligram of iron per 1-cup ser...

Malarial iron-deficiency anaemia among asymptomatic Nigerian children


Purpose. There is widespread subclinical (asymptomatic) malaria in our locality. The effects exerted by malaria on the body iron status remain incompletely understood. The aim of this study was t...

Importance of Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Iron Status


Importance of Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Iron Status: Can Long-Term Weekly Preventive Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation Achieve Desirable and Safe Status?

Most women worldwide enter pregnancy without adequate iron reserves or are already iron deficient. Estimates of iron needs during pregnancy are markedly reduced when iron reserves are available. ..

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