The Effect of Hepar Magnesium on Seasonal Fatigue Symptoms: A Pilot Study


Objectives: To evaluate the effect of the anthroposophic drug hepar magnesium D10 intravenously administered on seasonal fatigue symptoms. Design: Time series with two measurements per week, star...

Magnesium, the Stress Mineral


The article states that Magnesium is essential in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body; it is involved in almost every bodily function. Magnesium is required in more than fifty biochemical proce...

Insights Into the Mechanisms Involved in Magnesium-Dependent Inhibition of Primary Tumor Growth


We have previously shown that a low Magnesium (Mg)-containing diet reversibly inhibits the growth of primary tumors that develop after the injection of Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) cells in mice. H...

The 'Awesome Foursome' -- Protecting Healthy Hearts, Restoring Ailing Hearts


The article discusses the importance of co-enzyme Q10, carnitine, magnesium and D-ribose in protecting healthy hearts and treating ailing hearts. It suggests that patients can get magnesium by dr...

Magnesium Prevents Chemotherapy Side Effects


The author reflects on the effectiveness of magnesium in preventing chemotherapy side effects in cancer patients. He says that a new study has found that prophylactic magnesium supplementation re...

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