Homeopathy for women: Another side of Phosphorus


Phosphorus is a common homeopathic remedy for women. On the physical level, Phosphorus is very helpful for hemorrhages such as excessive menstrual bleeding; for acute or chronic liver problems including hepatitis; for gastric problems such as heartburn, ulcers, and diarrhea; for respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia; and for many other conditions too numerous to name. Mentally and emotionally, patients needing Phosphorus often have difficulty concentrating and a tendency to be easily distracted by external stimuli. Phosphorus is invaluable in cases of great sensitivity.

Bearer of Light--Homeopathic Phosphorus


Discusses the use of phosphorus in pregnancy. Features of phosphorus; Role of phosphorus in the metabolism of the body; Use of phosphorus for uterin bleeding during theatened miscarriage.



The article discusses the skin condition, psoriasis and some homeopathic remedies for the condition. It highlights the case of a 55 year old woman whose psoriasis was a result of emotional stress...

Phosphorus 101


Provides information regarding phosphorus. History; Discovery; Role in the normal functioning of the nervous system; Medicinal properties; Flammable properties

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