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AA makes alcoholics' problems `worse'


AA makes alcoholics' problems `worse': Pro-moderation rival slams rigid approach

The rigid abstinence preached by Alcoholics Anonymous makes the problem of alcoholism worse, according to rival group Moderation Management.

"My belief is, actually, the abstinence world of AA has caused alcoholism to get worse," said Marc Kern, a California psychologist and board member of Moderation Management. "People are told in an AA meeting `If you don't buy us 100 per cent, go out there and drink and when you hit bottom come back.' "

Addictions are symptoms of deeper problems


The straight line; For many, addictions are symptoms of deeper problems; Part 4 of 5 Series: BRAINSTORMS

His name isn't important, for he could be any alcoholic or addict staggering down the path of destruction.

We'll call him Chuck, because in one way it fits with his story.

For several years, try as he might -- and Lord knows he tried -- Chuck could not stop drinking. His job was on the line. His wife and son threatened to leave.

But he could not stop reaching for that bottle.

Help for alcoholics


A new drug could help alcoholics kick the bottle.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given its seal of approval to Revia, which scientists say reduces the craving for alcohol and the pleasure of having a drink.

"This is the beginning of a new era in alcoholism treatment," Enoch Gordis, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, said.

The discovery marks the first new treatment for compulsive drinkers in 47 years.

Until now, the only drug on offer has been Antabuse, which induces nausea in the user after tasting a few drops of the hard stuff.

The cycle of native alcoholism must be exposed


CRAZYWATER; The cycle of native alcoholism must be exposed if it is to be broken

As you make your way, you notice an obstruction in the flow of people ahead of you. Like a rock in the middle of a river, the obstruction forces the currents of foot traffic to sweep around it.

The obstruction is a man. He's standing in the middle of the sidewalk and he's the only one on the block who's not moving.

New studies dispute claim of single-gene link for alcoholism


A recent claim that a single gene predisposes some people to alcoholism was apparently wrong, scientists said this week.

Two new studies -- involving larger groups of people and using different research techniques -- have found no association between the suspect gene and alcoholism.

"The finding is not reproduced," said Dr. David Goldman, chief of the genetics section at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Maryland. "We looked at 40 alcoholics, a large number of controls, over a hundred, and two families," and found no link between the gene and alcoholism.

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