Too Much or Too Little Sodium Is Unhealthy


The article provides an answer to a question regarding the advantages and disadvantages of sodium intake.

Scouting for sodium and other nutrients important to blood pressure


This is the second in a series of articles telling how to use the new food label to meet specific dietary needs.



The go-to health items in your medicine chest and kitchen have some surprising new uses

WHEN MINOR MEDICAL issues crop up (nosebleeds, insect stings, dandruff!), re your medicine cabinet already contains some effective--and surprising--fixes for what ails you. Here are nine common household items that all do double duty, saving you a trip to the pharmacy--and cash in the process!
Antacid Tablet

IT'S FOR: Heartburn: The effervescent type with sodium bicarbonate helps neutralize the acid that causes painful heartburn symptoms.

IOM's Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake


The article offers information on an online consensus report released by the Institute of Medicine concerning strategies that might reduce sodium consumption in the U.S.

Shaking the Salt Habit


Reducing the sodium in your diet can lower your risk of high blood pressure and other serious ailments.

You PASS ON USING THE SHAKER at the table and use a variety of herbs and spices in place of salt when you cook. Can you still be getting too much of the white stuff?

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