Salts of the earth


The article discusses the risks of high sodium intake in the body and its prevention. It states that too much consumption of salt can cause negative effects to one's heart, bones and kidneys. It ...

Sodium Selenite Increases the Activity of the Tumor Suppressor Protein, PTEN, in DU-145 Prostate Cancer Cells


Epidemiological and clinical data suggest that selenium may prevent prostate cancer; however, the cellular effects of selenium in malignant prostate cells are not well understood. We previously r...

Salt Good for Your Health? Unrefined Salt vs. Industrial Grade Sodium Chloride... Does It Matter Which We Use?


The article focuses on the effects of unrefined salt and industrial grade sodium chloride to human health. Salt is a natural substance that should contain all natural elements from its source but...

One-Week Low-Sodium Vegan Menu


Focuses on the low-sodium menu for vegetarians with an average sodium content of 1500 milligrams. Use of the menu plan as a guide to low-sodium eating. Listing of the approximate sodium content f...

Innovative regulatory approaches to reduce sodium consumption: could a cap-and-trade system work?


Many regulatory and professional organizations are calling for strict new regulations to reduce sodium consumption on a population basis. New regulations on sodium may have significant public hea...

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