Chromium Plus Vitamins C & E Decrease Insulin Resistance in Diabetes


The article focuses on the benefits of the nutrient chromium alone, or with vitamins C and E. It states that nutrient chromium alone or mixed with vitamins C and E significantly lessens oxidative...

Block Absorption of Killer Carbohydrates


The article discusses the deleterious health effects of a diet high in carbohydrates. Increased carbohydrate intake can result in abnormally high levels of blood glucose which in turn can result ...

Chromium picolinate: Nutritional star or flash in the pan?


An in-depth look at the science behind the supplement

Rumor has it that Joan Lunden never leaves home without it. Julia Roberts reportedly was spotted purchasing a hefty supply. And Olympic judo team member Renee Capo swears by it. Indeed, chromium picolinate supplements have become the nutritional darling not only of celebrities but also of regular folks trying to slim down, bulk up, and just plain feel better. Some 10 million Americans polish off $150 million worth of chromium a year, making it the largest selling mineral in the United States after calcium.

Chromium the cholesterol fighter


Medical experts now agree that lowering cholesterol can prevent serious health problems...for every point you lower cholesterol, your risk of heart attack drops by two percent.

Fat-free! Low cholesterol! No tropical oils! The signs are everywhere as market-conscious food companies rush to embrace the biggest health trend of the century. But even the strictest cholesterol-lowering program may be missing a key element chromium. In fact, researchers have discovered that niacin-bound chromium, a trace mineral supplement, can help lower cholesterol without undesirable side effects.

Diabetics can count on chromium


The article discusses health benefits of Chromium. Chromium is essential for the normal activity of insulin, the key hormone involved in burning food for energy. It is helpful in controlling, and...

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