The copper connection


The article reports that copper is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It is at the core of normal body functions. Without copper, the body cannot form the antioxidant superoxide d...

The COPPER Dilemma


Few people understand the multiple roles that copper plays in regulating life processes. Too little copper can be lethal, whereas excess amounts can cause serious disease. Copper is required for bone strength, blood cell maturation, iron transport, glucose metabolism, heart muscle contraction, host defense mechanisms and brain development. The dilemma is that while ingesting large amounts of copper is unsafe, avoiding copper deficiency is a must. Here, balance and education are key.

Understanding Copper Uptake at the Molecular Level


Looks at how copper may be transported into mammalian cells. Characterization of Cu-ATPase genes mutated in Menkes and Wilson diseases; Molecular model for cellular copper uptake.

Copper in History & Distillation


Discusses the history and distillation process of copper deposits. Use of copper to treat arthritis; Price of copper deposits; Application of copper to reduce microbial food poisoning. INSET: W...

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