Zinc Supplementation: Neuroprotective or Neurotoxic?


While zinc is essential for normal brain function and repair, recent work has implicated this trace element in the neuronal damage and death that follow traumatic brain injury, stroke, and seizur...

ZINC: An Indispensable Element That Boosts the Body's Natural Defenses


The article discusses the role of zinc on healthy immune function of the human body. Research revealed that zinc is crucial for supporting health and speeding recovery from infections. It is cons...

Zinc: The New Antidepressant?


The article focuses on zinc treatment showing an antidepressant effect and its role in mood disorders. Psychiatric illnesses like depression and anxiety are seen as a critical problem for the 21s...

Zinc Deficiency in Pregnancy and Fetal Outcome


The article discusses the effect of maternal zinc deficiency during pregnancy. Zinc is believed to be important for fetal growth, development, and immune function. Maternal zinc deficiency is com...

Zinc for Stroke Recovery: New Treatment or Statistical Artifact?


The article discusses research on the significance of zinc intake to the neurological retrieval of patients with ischemic strokes. It references a study by R. Aquilani and colleagues, published i...

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