How Chlorine Affects Our Health


Discusses the effect of chlorine on human health.

Natural Chlorine? You Bet!


GREENPEACE, the Environmental Defense Fund and other environmental groups are waging a crusade to ban chlorine and industrial chlorination processes. Their charges against these chemicals are covered readily in the general media and have reached the halls of Congress. Now, it is important to hear the other side of the chlorine story.

Chlorine's Natural Abundance

Hazards of chlorine


Medical/Nutrition Update

Is chlorine taking your breath?


Swimming laps may work your lungs harder than you thought. After testing 41 trained swimmers, South African researchers found that 60% of those swimming in highly chlorinated water suffered the temporary constriction of airways known as exercise-induced asthma. When the docs checked people who swam in a pool chlorinated only half as much, just 20% had breathing difficulties. "Swimming has enormous physical benefits," says lead researcher Arthur J. Williams, MD. Rather than scare swimmers, Williams wants to alert them--especially those with asthma--to the potential risks. His advice:

Splenda: Sweet success but sour press


The article examines the ingredients of a sucralose which made it popular to consumers and manufacturers. Sucralose results from the replacement of three hydrogen-oxygen group of sucrose with chl...

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