Optimizing Metabolism


The article reports on the importance of iodine in everyone's diet as it is the primary trace mineral required for optimal thyroid function. Several inexpensive and time-efficient steps to preven...

Less Salt Means Less Iodine; Is Iodine Still Important in the Diet?


Answers a question about iodized versus uniodized salt usage. Iodine in the diet and what it is helpful for; disorders which are attributed to iodine deficiency; New figures which show Americans ...

Iodine, Pregnancy, and Quality Control


The article discusses a study about iodine content on randomly selected nonprescription and prescription prenatal vitamins marketed in the U.S. that listed iodine as an ingredient on the label. T...

Perchlorate Controversy Calls for Improving Iodine Nutrition


The article focuses on the susceptibility of vegetarians especially vegans to thyroid problems as a result of perchlorate exposure in the U.S. Perchlorate is a water pollutant that can potentiall...

Human reproduction and iodine deficiency: Is it a problem


Discusses the effects of iodine deficiency and hypothyroidism to human reproduction. Effects of iodine deficiency on the brain of the unborn child; Effect of pregnancy on the thyroid gland; Iodi...

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