Back to basics


The article discusses the components of multivitamins and mineral supplements, which together with eating a balanced diet would provide a good nutritional foundation. They include vitamin A, vita...

Chickpeas, Garbanzos: The Same Nutritious Food


The article provides information about chickpeas, a Spanish food also known as garbanzos. Chickpeas are grown in India, Turkey, Mexico, Ethiopia ad Pakistan. It is a source of protein in Indian a...

Nutrition in depth


Boron for Brains Boron is a mineral found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Boron appears to help maintain stronger bones and balance female hormones. It may help arthritis. Now it appears to be a valuable nutrient for optimal brain function, according to a new study from the USDA. This study found that adults on diets low in boron had more trouble concentrating and performing a variety of tasks requiring mental focus. So before you reach for another cup of coffee to keep you alert, make sure you are getting enough boron. Recommended intake range: 3-6 mg per day.



Discusses how homotoxicology facilitates the processes involved in chelation therapy. Need for all chelation patients to be aided in opening their drainage pathways with the Nux vomica-Homaccord...

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