Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine)

Melatonin, the natural sleep medicine

Melatonin deficiency seems to be a key variable in the incidence of sleep disorders in elderly people and melatonin replacement therapy may prove beneficial.

What if there was a safe and natural medicine that in addition to giving you a deep sleep would provide vivid dreams, eliminate jet lag and also improve your mood? What if it could enhance your immune system, treat a variety of diseases, and even prolong your life span?

Melatonin is now available as a supplement, no prescription needed. Is melatonin this miracle medicine? Finds Melatonin Supplements Range in Strength But Ingredient Quality Is High

The article announces the availability of test results on melatonin supplements. The report is available from titled "Product Review of Melatonin Supplement." According to Tod Coo...

A shot in the dark: melatonin

Reports the role of melatonin in preventing and treating breast cancer. Account of related studies; Secretion of melatonin; Ways to get more melatonin. INSETS: Alternative NOTES;Q+a.

"Melatonin, Menstruation, and the Moon"

Focuses on the relationship between the moon's cycle and menstruation. Bond between women and the moon; Possibility of the pineal gland to provide connection between the lunar and menstrual cycle...

Effects of Kampo Herbal Medicine on Plasma Melatonin Concentration in Patients

disturbance and nocturnal polyuria are related to abnormal biorhythm. It is possible that Kampo medicine may inf...

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