Growth hormone-releasing hormone

Human Growth Hormone: Reprogram Your Computer

Today, there are many substances that can enhance immune response, bringing greater resistance to disease and infection. What if there were one that could also reduce body fat without dieting, increase muscle mass without exercise, and bolster energy, strength, and stamina? How about if it also Improved bone density and skin tone? And, in addition, what if it sharpened memory and heightened well-being?

Glandular Growth Hormone vs Recombinant Human Growth Hormone - Have We Gone Mad?

Developments in science and the marketplace, along with recurrent questions about safety and efficacy have taken a toll on wellness products. This is for a good reason. People get hurt or die when safety and efficacy are disregarded. The FDA was founded in 1938 on the basis of safety issues with drugs. Although there may be problems between the FDA and Natural Product Industry, the FDA's issues around safety are critical when it comes to products containing glandulars.

Growth Hormone

Presents information on human growth hormone (GH). Causes of declining GH; Signs and symptoms of growth hormone deficiency; Discussion on hormone optimization programs; Benefits of human growth ...

Toxicity, Placebo Effects and Clinical Studies of Homeopathic Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rhGH)

Growth hormone has a long history of documented adverse side effects, toxicity and even death.

Healing the Many Faces of Glandular Failure

The article discusses the manifestations of glandular failure and their treatments. According to the author, when he treats patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and d...

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