Does Renin Cause Cardiovascular & Kidney Disease In Non-hypertensive Patients?


Focuses on whether renin causes cardiovascular and kidney disease in non-hypertensive patients. Side effects of diuretics in treating hypertension.

Nattokinase for Hypertension


The article presents a commentary about a study on nattokinase as a treatment for mild hypertension. Nattokinase is compared with placebo. The mechanism of action of nattokinase as an antihyperte...

Vitamin D Deficiency: An Emerging Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor


The article reports on the involvement of deficient vitamin D levels in common risk factors for cardiovascular events. According to Doctor Michael F. Holick and colleagues, insufficient levels of...



Surviving the Salt Shake-Up

The tactic of avoiding salty foods to keep your blood pressure low isn't a safe bet anymore. Here's what is

Coaxing Americans to go easy on salt is like asking fish to give up water-we're all swimming in it. Take the ham-and-Swiss you had for lunch. You can't actually see the salt, not the way you can see the crystals on a pretzel. But it's there-in the bread, in the cheese, in the ham. It's in the mayonnaise and the mustard. That pickle slice on the side is saltiest of all--not to mention those potato chips.

John Laragh And The Renin Hypothesis


Profiles Doctor John Laragh. Career history; Achievements; Contributions to the treatment of hypertension.

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