Nutrient risk assessment in a decision theoretic context


Background. This study describes a decision-theoretic approach to nutrient assessment based on Bayesian methods, which can be used to give accurate estimates of optimum intakes. Analysis of risk ...

Nutrients and Botanicals for Treatment of Stress: Adrenal Fatigue, Neurotransmitter Imbalance, Anxiety, and Restless Sleep


Research shows a dramatic increase in use of the medical system during times of stress, such as job insecurity. Stress is a factor in many illnesses - from headaches to heart disease, and immune ...

Prevent Glycation-Induced Skin Aging with Topical Nutrients


The article examines how certain nutrients can strengthen the regenerative ability of collagen and help slow down intrinsic skin aging. It mentions that natural antioxidants found in tea extracts...

Intake of Plant Foods and Associated Nutrients in Prostate Cancer Risk


Plant foods and associated nutrients may impact prostate cancer (PC) risk and survival. Therefore, we compared dietary intake, mainly plant food groups among 382 controls and 478 PC cases (373 in...

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