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Mental Illness Linked to Diet


Medical Research News
Published: Tuesday, 17-Jan-2006

According to new research released this week, mental health is linked to diet and changes to diets over the last 50 years may hold the key to the rise of mental illness.

The findings support a growing body of evidence that food can have an effect upon a person's mental health and behaviour that is both immediate and long lasting because of the way it affects the structure and function of the brain.

Food and Chemical Allergies Cause Many Ailments and Diseases


1988 Surgeon General’s report states that the foods people eat cause diseases which account for 68 percent of the deaths in the United States. Thus the traditional way of eating is killing more than twice as many Americans as infections, smoking, alcohol drugs, accidents, AIDS, traditional medical methods wars, stress and the aging process combined. The solution is to replace damaging behavior with health-building behavior. The basic principle of preventive health care is to avoid the foods, chemicals and other items that cause health problems.

Don't Give Your Brain Problems and it Won't Give You Problems


GERARD KIELTY, I.R.B. (Institutional Review Board), I.D.E. (Investigational Device Exemption). Mr. Kielty is an alternative therapist specializing in Food Intolerance testing (this is not Allergy testing) has cured 10,000 people of a range of more than 50 different health problems with a simple one-hour test. No medication was required! His company Health Scan has been established for 14 years since this technology was first developed.

Linus Pauling: Preventing Illnesses and Diseases With Vitamin C


The world's only 2 time unshared Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling, stated "You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."

In this video Dr. Pauling talks about appropriate amounts of vitamin C for humans and how due to evolution humans don't produce their own vitamin C.

Various substances are normally present in the human body and many of them required for life and characterized by low toxicity. I call them orthomolecular substances.

Preventive Health Through Nutrition


Natalie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics in 2005 and during school was a member of the Student Dietetic Association, American Dietetic Association, Phi Upsilon Omicron Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Natalie is currently completing graduate school and her dietetic internship through Marywood University to become a registered dietitian (R.D.).

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