Outcome of a Histamine-restricted Diet Based on Chart Audit


Purpose: This is a report of the outcome of dietary management (histamine restriction) of 44 subjects referred to a food allergy clinic over a 12-month period for management of 'idiopathic' urtic...

Orthomolecular Nutrition & Brain Function


Discusses the benefits of orthomolecular nutrition for brain function. Relation of psychological disorders to diet and nutrition metabolism; Dietary dependence of the neurotransmitters dopamine,...



Reports on the result of the research of Madeleine Ennis, a pharmacologist at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, regarding homeopathy. Effects of ultra-dilute solutions of histamine...

Blood Basophils and Histamine Levels in Patients


The article features a discussion on blood basophils and histamine levels in patients. Basophils circulate in blood and mast cells stay in the connective tissue or in the mucosal tissue. In aller...

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