Analysis of Responses to Valerian Root Extract in the Feline Pulmonary Vascular Bed


Objectives: This study was undertaken to investigate pulmonary vascular response to valerian (Valeriana officinalis) in the feline pulmonary vasculature under constant flow conditions. Design: In...

Natural history of nociceptor sensitization: the search fora peripheral mechanism of hyperalgesia


The sensitizing effects on nociceptors of substances appearing in inflamed tissues (bradykinin, prostaglandins, 5-hydroxytryptamine, histamine, protons, reactive oxygen species), as well as norep...

Stimulation of Autonomic Cholinoceptors in the Rat Uterus by a CrudeExtract from Eleophorbia drupifera Leaves


The crude extract from E. drupifera was tested for its effectson isolated rat uterine preparations. The extract (2.0-300 ?g/ml)produced graded increases in uterine contractions. The contractions ...

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