Hormonal Disorder Linked to Excessive Insulin


The article reports on a medical study which explores the link between high insulin levels among young adults and genetic disease polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It notes that girls with PCOS p...

Metabolic Syndrome


The article reports on the risk of metabolic syndrome in the U.S. It states that metabolic syndrome occurs when a constellation of risk factors are present that increases the development of type ...

Leptin and Insulin Action in the Central Nervous System


Body adiposity is known to be carefully regulated and to remain relatively stable for long periods of time in most mammalian species. This review summarizes old and recent data implicating insuli...

The Damage Report


In the past 5 years, new research has revealed just how IRS triggers these major health conditions, and how to reverse its damaging effects

INSULIN RESISTANCE: the Collateral Damage


The article presents several facts about insulin resistance. The main function of insulin is to transport sugar from the blood into muscle and fat cells where it is burnt to produce energy. When ...

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