Aloe (Aloe barbadensis)

3 herbs for good ginger, digestion peppermint & aloe

For many of us, a healthy and well-functioning gastrointestinal tract is one of life's pleasures. Charles Copeland put it well when he said: "To eat is human, to digest, divine." Not everyone, though, enjoys the luxury of good digestion. If yours is not always divine, consider the following three herbs as possible solutions.
1. Ginger

Antifungal activity of Allium, Aloe, and Solanum species

The current study evaluated and established the activity ofAllium sativumLinn.,Aloe barbadensisMill., andSolanum nigrumLinn. against some common fungal species associated with superficial mycoses...

first aid + TO GO

The article discusses the significance of various natural first aid elements including aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and banana peel. It states that aloe vera is good for minor burns and...

Impede Unwanted Hair Growth

The article discusses the removal of unwanted hair by both men and women for aesthetic ideals and maintaining a good hygiene. It informs that cosmetic scientists have developed a topical compound...

The Truth About Aloe Vera: How to Select the Best Aloe Vera Beverage

Aloe vera is a very complex plant containing thousands of healing substances. Many products sold for internal consumption contain only a small part of the leaf. This article will present little-known facts that many of the Aloe processors would rather not reveal, to allow an informed decision when purchasing Aloe products. This discussion will be confined to Aloe beverages, though much of what is said here applies to topical products as well.

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