Oat (Avena sativa)

Feeling your oats


Take advantage of this nutritious grain's versatility.

Oats bring to mind breakfast: steaming bowls of stick-to-your-ribs porridpe; crunchy granola, and that famous crispy little "O" cereal many of us were raised on. Other familiar uses are homey desserts like plump oatmeal-raisin cookies and heavenly fruit crisps. Yet a closer look reveals a wide range of both sweet and savory ways to "feel one's oats" -- in muffins, breads, pilafs, soups, sauces and even hearty salads.

Oats For Winter Wellness


Focuses on oats as an essential health food for the winter months. Nutritional content; Ideal composition of protein, fat and carbohydrates; Common use of oats in cereals; Recipes for Classic Bi...

Sowing Your Wild Oats and Reaping Love's Benefits


Presents information on herbs used in making sexual tonics. Maca; Muira Puama; Wild oats.

A Collection of Cases


Dr. Wember presents cases of acute and chronic illnesses successfully treated with homeopathy, among them, cases of prostatitis, sinusitis, mood disorder, thyroglossal duct cyst, vocal nodules, f...

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