Olive Oil (extra virgin)

Olive Oil/Green Tea Combo Fights Atherosclerosis

The article reports on the significance of olive oil and green tea combination to fight atherosclerosis. According to a new research, green tea polyphenols with extra-virgin olive oil offer heart...

Olive oil

Is it still the right choice?

"There's an old Roman saying, Ridgely Evers declares into his car phone as he steers down a rural highway. "The necessary ingredients of civilization are wine and olive oil.

I figured we already had the wine here, so I'd add the olive oil." That's the short version of how he came to own 3,000 olive trees imported from Italy and planted in California soil.

How Healthy Is Your Olive Oil?

Cancer Prevention Special Report

Does olive oil protect against cancer? It might, depending on which one you choose, as Prevention learned when we put 22 of them to the test. Here's what we found-and what it may mean to your health

Research: Olive Oil Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

The article cites a study which investigates which part of extra-virgin olive oil were most active against cancer. It determined that all the major complex phenols present in the oil has drastica...


A guide to shopping for high-quality olive oil is presented. Producers in Spain, Italy, and Greece account for the bulk of the world's olive oil. But producers in Tunisia, Syria, and Morocco have...

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